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3 Tips to Maintain your backyard swimming pool


While building a pool, it is very important to keep in mind that regular maintenance is needed. Maintenance is not only important to keep the swimming pool looking great but also for health reasons. Many people hire experts to maintain pools for them but you can still do it on your own. If you are the do-it-yourself kind of person, here are some of the things to do to maintain your swimming pool

Check the PH levels of your pool

The first thing that you can do to maintain your swimming pool is by checking the PH levels. PH is simply the alkalinity of the pool. It is very important to keep it in check because too high PH is not good for your health. It is also good to check the PH of your pool regularly because it determines the effectiveness of chlorine in your pool. A PH of 7.2 and 7.8 is recommended for your swimming pool. If your PH is too high, the chlorine in your pool will become inactive and this means that you will use a lot of chlorine just to keep your water clean. Visit the pool builder website to learn more about pools and PH levels

Skim the surface of the swimming pool

Another thing that you can do is skim the surface of your swimming pool. You can simply use a skimmer to remove pollen, leaves, bugs, and any other dirt or debris from the surface of the swimming pool. You should skim your pool every day just to keep off unwanted dirt from settling on the floor of your pool.

Check the water levels

Another suitable way to maintain your pool is by checking the water levels. Swimming pools can lose water through evaporation. Using the swimming pool can also make the water levels go down. It is therefore very important to make sure that the water levels don’t fall what is required. They should never go beyond the skimmer poo intake tubes. If that happens, there is a possibility that the tubes can be damaged. You can fill your pool water by using your garden horse pipe. Before doing so, make sure that you know the restrictions within your area.


Maintaining your pool is very important for greatness, safety, and health reasons. There are many things that you can do to maintain your pool. You can check the PH levels of the pool, skim the surface of the pool and make sure that the water levels are right.

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