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A Guide to Preparing your Home for Sale

If you have decided it is time to move on to greener pastures and are soon to be putting your home on the market, there’s a lot to organise, and it is vital that your property is shown in the best possible light. In terms of property viewing, the front is the most important elevation, so major efforts should focus on the driveway, the garage and the entrance. Here are a few tips on how to make your home look attractive to a potential buyer.

  1. The Roof – Ask your local roofer to power wash your roof, which will remove moss, dirt and grime, leaving the roof tiles looking like new. The fascia and soffit might need repainting, or you could replace them with PVC, which is very attractive and comes in many colours.
  2. The Driveway – With affordable driveway repair in Tamworth, you can fill in those bare patches of asphalt, or if the driveway lets the property down, you could invest in new solution.
  3. Fencing & Gating – Another essential aspect to the front of your home, the fencing should be in good condition, and a repaint is never a bad idea when looking to sell your home.
  4. Garage Doors – This is a focal feature when looking at a property, and either a repaint or replacement would ensure that the garage doors do not detract from the rest of the property.

    Trim the hedges and tend the lawn and borders prior to having the photos taken for the property listing, and with such an attractive front elevation, be prepared for many viewers and a quick sale.

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