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Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at Brilliant Ways of Decorating Your Home


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, there is no need to feel overwhelmed when decorating your home. There are numerous strategies you can follow to beautify the rooms in your house, and you can do it one step at a time if you are not sure of the overall outcome.

The Ways

Here are a few brilliant ways of decorating your home:

  1. Choose a popular home decorating style – Popular home decorating style serves as a template for how you should decorate your house and thus, it makes managing things a lot easier. Plus, they make your home feel gorgeous as well.

You can choose mid-century modern decor if you want to incorporate modern elements such as wood and earth tones along with clean and well-tailored lines. If you want your home to exude a vibe of comfort and coziness, you can opt for the farmhouse decor style.

If you want to incorporate a mix of style elements both new and old such as streamlined furniture with softer lines, dark woods, and walls with neutral colors such as sage, olive green, and earthy reds, you can choose the transitional home decor style.

The contemporary home decor style is the best option for living a minimalist lifestyle and highlighting the natural features of the home such as the architectural details and bright windows.

  1. Use decorative mirrors to your advantage – Lighting is an incredibly important aspect of good home decor and one of the best ways to use the lighting in your home to your advantage is to add decorative mirrors in certain rooms. Sometimes, you might not have the option to add or install a variety of lighting elements such as ambient lighting, task lighting, and more.

However, if there is a space in your walls to hang a decorative mirror, you can use that space to your advantage. Plus, it would allow your room to appear larger which is perfect for small bedrooms or living rooms.

  1. Add a few area rugs – One of the best ways to add some character and incorporate new texture to your living room is to add a few area rugs. Carpeted floors are not only more comfortable to walk on than hardwood floors or floors or any other type, but they also improve the beauty of your home and design the ambiance to your liking.

This is possible since throw rugs come in a variety of color, texture, and pattern options and you can decorate the rooms in a unique way to express your personality and convey a very specific mood.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you utilize old items and accessories that are packed away in your cupboards to fill your home with an old charm. There is no need to purchase new sets of items or accessories when you can use your old ones. You just have to look carefully. Arranging mundane items such as candle stands, hardcover books, picture frames with nostalgic photos, and potted plants can improve the charm of your house.

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