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Repairing vs. Replacing Industrial Roofs

Industrial buildings are places where processing and manufacturing activities take place. As such, they must be well ventilated and protected from the elements at all times. A good roof helps satisfy these needs as it acts as a shield against rain, ice, snow, debris, and much more. However, roofs need to be properly maintained if they are to function properly.

Roof Maintenance

Roofs are just the same as every other fixture; they deteriorate due to use and will at one point or the other need to be replaced or repaired. This, however, is not without its challenges as most industries are unsure of which alternative to settle for. They are faced with the dilemma of squandering resources by replacing their industrial roofs too soon or having to deal with a roof leak and the accompanying damage if they wait too long. This is no small decision.

The Factors to Consider

Factors such as geographical climate, shingle wear, and susceptibility to more damage can be used as guides in determining if a roof needs replacement or repair. Some of the most crucial factors to consider are:

  • The cost of repair vs. replacement: It costs more to replace a roof than it does to repair it and the geographical location of the industrial building also contributes to this cost. The industrial roofing prices in Perth are dependent on the extent of damage, which determines if a repair or replacement will be appropriate.
  • The age of the roof: This is one of the most important factors to consider. The lifespan of an industrial roof varies depending on the material with which it was constructed. Roofs that have been constructed for 20 years or more are considered to be old and the average lifespan of a most asphalt shingle is about 15 to 30 years. The decision of roof repair or replacement can be contingent on the nature of roof damage. Spot repairs can be performed if the damage is minimal. However, old industrial roofs are more susceptible to future damage and should be replaced.
  • The duration of stay: Before deciding to repair or replace an industrial roof, some thought should be given into how long the industry or company will be in operation for. It is not cost-effective to replace a roof if you’ll be moving out of the building soon.

Whatever the case may be, only professional, trusted, and reliable roofing services providers should be consulted when in need of roof repair or replacement. These companies offer professional, prompt, and dependable service at competitive prices. Some qualities to look out for before committing to any one company are the customer service, the quality of roofing material used and their workmanship culture.

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